Collision Mask Module

The Collision Mask Module is a module for the Monkey-X programming language to perform pixel perfect collision detection.
All the code is open source. The Collision Mask Utilities programs are licenced under the MIT licence and the Monkey-X module is public domain.

Downloads are at the bottom of this page.

The Collision Mask Module consists of:

  • Two applications written in Qt (C++) that run on Windows/Linux/MacOS and allow you to create and view “collision masks” from the alpha data in PNG images.
  • A Monkey-X module (a single file) that contains the scaling, rotation and collision detection code.
  • Four example applications.
  • An API reference and the custom mask file format specification.

The Monkey-X module is written in 100% standard Monkey-X code and does not require any changes to Mojo. In fact, apart from the Debug display feature, it doesn’t even require Mojo. It works on all Monkey-X targets.

Features include:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous loading of mask files.
  • Rotation and scaling of masks.
  • Pre-allocation of empty masks for use as targets for rotation and scaling, avoiding allocation of memory in the main game loop.
  • Mask to mask collision detection.
  • Point to mask collision detection.
  • Rectangle to mask collision detection.
  • Circle to mask collision detection.
  • On-screen display of masks for debugging purposes.

Clicking on the images below will display the interactive HTML version of the example:

Collision Module Test Screenshot
Collision Module Race Screenshot
Collision Module Drop Screenshot
Collision Module Boom Screenshot



Collision Mask Monkey-X Module V1.0 (All Platforms)

Collision Utilities V1.0 (for Windows, includes source code)

Collision Utilities binaries are not yet available for MacOS X and Linux, but the source code will compile and run on both platforms.


Collision Utilities Source Code V1.0

CMSK Collision Mask File Specification V1.0 R1 (PDF, Also included in module download)

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