Horace Goes Skiing Remake V2.0

A new version of my Horace Goes Skiing Remake is now available for download. This new version has been completely rewritten with the following new features;

  • Graphics hardware acceleration for better performance on modern PCs.
  • Re-sizable window mode.
  • Selectable resolution for full screen mode.
  • Re-definable keys.
  • Three difficulty modes; Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • Ski section scoring is now correct.
  • Adjustable volume for sound effects and music.

You can download the new version here.

Collision Mask Module for Monkey-X

I have uploaded the first version of my Collision Mask Module for Monkey-X.

The Collision Mask Module is a module for the Monkey-X programming language to perform pixel perfect collision detection.
All the code is open source. The Collision Mask Utilities programs are licenced under the MIT licence and the Monkey-X module is public domain.

There are more details on the Collision Mask Module page.